Sunday, November 6, 2011

gotta have goals, right?

I had the best feeling last night. For some reason, I decided to try on some of my clothes. Since moving into this new house, I've lost about 10lbs. through eating even better than before and through going to yoga (admittedly, I haven't been for a couple of weeks, going back again tomorrow, so excited!!).

You see, I've had two super-cute skirts that I bought about 4 years ago without trying on. Sometimes I do that--think I am one size but am really a bit larger, but that's how goals are made, am I right?

I've kept the two skirts hanging in my closet for these several years now, taking up valuable space. The tan skirt has even made an appearance at one of our Girls' Night clothing swaps, but no one wanted it. My friends told me, "Keep it! It's incentive!"

You betcha.

The coolest thing is that they are a little loose on me :)

Totally got two additions to my wardrobe.


PS--Watching my dog's paws move in her sleep makes my heart warm.

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