Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hello, Gorgeous Juice!

Let me break it down: I got something I had wanted for a long time now and am giddy with excitement!

It feels as though I am stepping into some new futuristic era, in which humans get all of their nutrients in liquid form and use flying cars and have TV streaming in their eyeballs.

But it's juice love! It's been on my "WANT NOW!" list for so long. {Do you have a list like that? I don't usually buy a lot of stuff but started keeping a list when I would forget what I wanted when it came time to spend my $crilla. Things on my list include: bicycle, dehydrator, doughnut pan, Vita-Mix, waffle maker...etc.}

Diligently, I washed the juicer yesterday evening and formed my initial plan of attack for the morning.

Here's my first attempt at juice:

{do forgive the quality of the photos--I get up for work before the sun rises}

A gorgeous mixture of kale, pineapple, and oranges.

{not too sweet, kind of tart, lovely texture}

5 kale leaves, stems and all
1/2 cup pineapple chunks
1 orange, peel and pith mostly removed

1. Wash all produce (I use organic for most everything, but washing is always a good idea!)
2. Peel orange. Cut up pineapple.
3. Juice the kale first on high speed (the Breville that I have uses Low speed for juicy items and High speed for drier items).
4. Juice pineapple and orange on Low speed. Juicing these last sort of washes out the remaining kale, if needed.

Starting January 2nd, I'm planning on participating in the Whole Living 28-day challenge. It looks so exciting and invigorating!

And coming soon...a blog redesign and sewing projects! :D

Hello, 2012!


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  1. That juice sounds great! I think we might have the same juicer, or at lest the pitcher looks the same. Happy juicing!