Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Update on 28-Day Challenge!

So, getting sick this weekend royally f-ed everything up. I was doing pretty well, and then I wasn't. I've eaten some wheat items, had some chocolate (doesn't really make you feel better when sick, does it? lol), and eaten some sweets. But I have MOSTLY stuck to the challenge. Mostly.

You know what else? I had my 2nd Veganniversary on the 16th, and I wasn't able to celebrate it because I was sick. MEGA SAD FACE. (But YAY for making it 2 years as a vegan!)

Today was my first day juicing for breakfast since last Wednesday (a week of either smoothies or nothing, ugh). I was definitely feeling good until I got to lunch, and then I was/am super-bloated and having some abdominal pain (not on the appendix side--I checked). Hopefully it lets up soon :(

Tonight I'm planning on using the rest of the WONDERFUL broccoli-basil-almond pesto from last night's Rice Noodles and Broccoli-Almond Pesto on some brown rice, maybe with some edamame. Hopefully that won't cause mega-bloat, too! My poor abdomen!


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