Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Whole Living 28-Day Challenge: Day 13-15

Or, what I like to call it, "Wait, what day is it?"

Oh, you guys. My husband was so sick on Friday projectiling in more than one way (is that a word? because if not, it should be). We thought it was from some old raw cheese he'd eaten. We may not have been onto something there. He ended up feeling good enough by the evening to go out to eat, but I regret that now. Here's how my weekend went from that dinner:

-PF Chang's for dinner. Ate too much, laughed with friends, left right after eating so The Hubs could make it home in time (thought he was going to be sick again...but that's what you get for eating 4 bowls of egg drop soup.)

-Saturday morning--wake up, feeling okie dokie, rush to yoga at 9:30am and am doing fine until about 1/4 way through class. Then BAM, instant nausea, feeling like I'm going to pass out, need to rest, shaky, oh man...I make it through class just barely, but when I'm back in the cool air and driving home, I still don't feel that great. Thought it was just the heated room.

-Back at home, my stomach starts to physically hurt, like my whole abdomen. I feel like vomiting but can't. For some reason, The Hubs thinks it is a good idea to go out to eat for lunch and do some shopping. I acquiesce but regret it. We eat at Chipotle, do some shopping all while my head and abdomen hurt and I get waves of nausea. But we make it home. Now, it's on.

-Still can't vomit, but I dry heave enough. Spend some time hovering over the toilet, not pretty. Can't eat anything for dinner but some broth. Feverish (101-degree), still woozy, time for bed.

=Wait, what day is it? I wake up, and before sitting up I relish in the fact that my stomach doesn't hurt any more. Oh wait, there it is. Instantly when I sit up, the pain returns. I still feel like I want to vomit but still can't. Not feverish anymore, so I guess that's a plus? Still can't eat, not even hungry. More broth.

-Try doing dishes, but have to sit down for a rest halfway through. Later in the day, I get my laundry done but still feeling horrible.
-Yesterday morning, still feeling gross and dizzy when I stand up. Stomach pain has mostly gone away, losing the feeling of needing to vomit. More broth for breakfast/lunch, and then my appetite returns later in the day. Feeling much better by dinner time.

-This morning, still a little dizzy when I stand, but I think I'll be able to go in.

What a fricking horrible weekend. Not something I want to relive anytime soon. Ugh. I ended up eating a lot of stuff banned on the challenge (wheat, chocolate), but I was just happy that my appetite had returned.


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  1. Wow. That is one terrible weekend. Good thing it's over! (And now egg drop soup is sounding really good!)