Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Whole Living 28-Day Challenge: Day 12

Well...here's what I was going to post on Friday. AAaaaaand then I got sick:

Ugh, day 12, you have not been kind to me. Last night was a late night (much later than it should have been), and today's been a whole ton of fuckery (I just ate lunch, if that tells you how F-ed up my day is). The Hubs has been sick since about 3:00am, and I kept waking up to him retching in the bathroom, poor guy. He's a bit better now, but it's apparently been a rough time for him.

The one good thing about my day so far was the cruise meeting I attended. Yes, I'm going on a CRUISE in February 2013! :D times infinity!!! Holla! God, I need a MFing vacation like now.

Today's eats:
6:00am--vitamins and kombucha with chia
6:30am--kale and banana smoothie
9:30am--1 banana
2:00--quick bean dip: 1/s can great northern beans, lots of hot sauce, lemon juice, olive oil, seasoning and some Nut-Thins
~7:45pm--dinner at PF Chang's--thinking the Eggplant, yum!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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