Sunday, January 8, 2012

Whole Living 28-Day Challenge: Day 7

End of week one, yeah!!

This time last week I was 151 lbs. Today, my friends, I am 145 lbs. In one week, I've dropped 6 lbs. and some inches in key areas. Holla!

Sunday eats:
9:15am--vitamins, kombucha with chia, hot water with lemon
10:45am--smoothie made with loads of kale, soymilk, 1 frozen banana, and a squirt of agave
3:25pm--seasoned steamed broccoli and the LAST of the Spiced Butternut Squash and Apple Soup
5:30pm--1 orange
~7:00pm--Spicy Black-Bean Salad (really looking forward to this)
~8:30pm--some orange herbal tea, maybe an orange or grapefruit

I also find myself in a good mood. It's not ALL of the time, but a good deal of my day, which is something to shout from the highest mountain. Now if only I can maintain that feeling into next week.

On to Week Two!


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