Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday, Where Have You Been?!?

It's Friday, and while I should probably be bummed that half the staff at work decided to call in sick, I'm strangely in high spirits (this is probably helped by the fact that I'm leaving work early, but hey!).

The weekend is shaping up nicely. I always seem to have big plans--some usually happen, but a lot get missed. Here's what I ideally want to do this weekend:

--Formally measure garden space and (maybe) buy the wood for the raised beds.
--Yoga Sat morning, get groceries Sat/Sun.
--Clean up front flower bed, clear out remaining leaves from winter.
--Clean house. (Yay for Spring Cleaning!!) Gotta get this done while I'm still excited about it, haha!
--Start painting the new Nick-Unicorn painting. You guys, this one's gonna totes rock.
--Work on my thesis.
--Finish a disc of "Upstairs, Downstairs" and return it.
--Buy bikes for The Hubs and I, woohoo!

and, last but certainly not least--
--Start a 10-day juice feast. I've been wanting to try one for several months now, and right now seems like a good time. Not too much going on socially (our weekends really start picking up here in a couple of weeks), and I'm actually craving juice, so it's time. Maybe I'll quit after 3 days; maybe I'll keep going with it. We shall see! I'm pretty interested to see how it affects my wellness exam results on Wednesday.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone :)

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