Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Feast Fail...But Also, BIKES!! :D

Hey there! How's everyone doing? Today's going to be awesome.

My juice feast lasted Saturday and Sunday up until dinner time. I had been noshing on some berries, zucchini salad, and fruit, as well, but I still felt like I could do with some of the dinner my husband made (his spicy tomato soup over pasta and fake chik'n bits). Saturday, I felt awesome. Sunday, not so much (but that was probably part of detox symptoms). I'll give it a go later this spring, but I'm feeling pretty great right now.

So, my employer brings in a health consultation group once a year (who would have thought, right?). Last year was our first health and wellness exam, and besides my HDL (low because I was not physically active), I earned pretty great scores! Today is the annual wellness exam, and I couldn't be more psyched! The coolest part, though? Being able to compare my scores from last year to scores from this year. I think I may be one of the healthiest people here :D

This weekend my husband and I bought a pair of bikes. Springtime is eminent, and we've been wanting to take leisurely rides in the neighborhood parks for the longest time. We finally got around to it, and our choice to buy bikes on Saturday turned out to be at a lucky time!


Can you believe it??? We found a MATCHING PAIR :D
Seriously! These were the FIRST bikes we saw, the CHEAPEST, and a MATCHING set. It must be destiny. The bike store salesman told me that he knew those bikes would sell fast (they must have acquired them recently).

The Hubs and I felt like we wanted to know the provenance of these bikes (who they belonged to, why they were sold together). If we ever end up selling them, we've decided to keep them together if possible. It seems only right.

We've already been on two lovely bike rides :)

Have a spectacular Wednesday!

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