Friday, March 9, 2012

I'm Healthy! #ExciteLargeTime

In my last post I mentioned my huge excitement regarding the annual wellness test my company sponsors (and I get PAID $150 to take it...SO worth it). Well, here are my results as compared with last year, which I'm A-OK with sharing:

Weight 2012: 146lbs (yaaaaaaaaaaaay!)
Weight 2011: 162lbs (down from 175lbs when I went vegan Jan 2010)

Height 2012 and 2011: 5'2"

BMI 2012: 26.5 (>25 is considered in"high" range)
BMI 2011: 29.6 (well into "high" range)

Body Fat 2012: 32.9%
Body Fat 2011: 36.5%

Blood Pressure 2012: 110/72 (within the "normal" range)
Blood Pressure 2011: 108/70

CHOL Total Cholesterol 2012: 151mg/dL ("normal" is 100-199mg/dL)
CHOL Total Cholesterol 2011: 199mg/dL (very top of "normal" range)

LDL Cholesterol ("the bad cholesterol") 2012: 91mg/dL (100mg/dL is "optimal")
LDL Cholesterol 2011: 105mg/dL

HDL Cholesterol ("the good cholesterol") 2012: 25mg/dL (I should have 50mg/dL or higher to be "normal")
HDL Cholesteral 2011: 30mg/dL

TC/HDL Total Chol/HDL Ratio 2012: 6.0 (between "average risk" and "2x average risk")
TC/HDL Total Chol/HDL Ratio 2011: 6.7 (almost to "2x average risk" range)

Triglycerides 2012: 173mg/dL (I ate a TON of starches in the last 3 days, so this is really high for me)
Triglycerides 2011: 318mg/dL (holy pasta, Batman!)

Blood Glucose 2012: 65mg/dL ("normal" is less than 100mg/dL--I had been fasting for the test, water only, so I was PLUNGING)
Blood Glucose 2011: 66mg/dL (same here, really low from fasting for 15 hours)

The take away from all of this for me: my triglycerides would have been great had I not left the juice feast; I need more aerobic exercise to keep trying to raise my HDL level; and I'm really happy my BMI isn't 30+ anymore...REALLY happy. Imma keep doing what I am doing, just better than before!


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  1. Jess fantastic work!!! You are very inspiring!!!