Monday, November 19, 2012

thankfulness, day 19: my awesome friends

You guys are the best ("better than all the rest!"). I am forever and ever thankful for my great friends, including those I'm not that close to any longer. You've all etched your names on my heart.

{wedding fun!}

{from captionable haha!}

{our wedding "sad face" photo...we have this one framed at home}

{friends from high school, Stacy and Amber}

{rocking out during our senior year party}

{one of many pool parties over the years}

{my 21st birthday happened to fall on a work super pub times!!!}

{my husband, Philip, is my best friend}

{friend from France, Morgane}

{girls' night!!!}


{Riverfest River Run 2 mile in June}

{Halloween 2011}

{photobombing couple!! haha}


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