Wednesday, November 7, 2012

thankfulness, day 7: our future

I'm thankful that we here in the United States have a bright and shiny future with our newly re-elected president. That may sound cheesy or way to optimistic, but it's how I feel. We have a chance to overcome our looming issues (debt!) and make moves on other issues (equality in marriage and non-discrimination!).

Man, I was on fricking pins and needles last night watching the election coverage. I fretted when President Obama first started out with 3 electoral votes to Mitt Romney's like 58 electoral votes, and then I still felt unsure later on when the president jumped ahead. Anything could have happened!!

But I'm thankful that we have him back, and he and others in Congress can get on with business. There were some AMAZING and AWESOME results last night (Elizabeth Warren, Tammy Baldwin, Tammy Duckworth, Claire McCaskill, gay marriage in three more states, legalization of marijuana in two states). If we can keep our

Yet we still didn't manage to fluoridate our water here in Wichita, haha.


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