Tuesday, January 1, 2013

a whole year of possibilities awaits us

Do you ever get nervous in the days leading up to a new year? I'm not thinking of "end of the world" stuff; rather, it's the idea of living up to goals and expectations in the coming 365-6 days that frightens me. At the same time, though, the sense of excitement overwhelms me. It makes me smile just to think of the endless possibilities that a whole new year brings. What will happen to me, my friends, and my family in 2013? What will happen to our world? Aren't you excited and scared?

Each year I plot out my course. I begin with the best of intentions. If ever I encounter a year before which I have not planned my goals or don't feel excited/scared, I will know I'm done for this world. What greater thing is there to feel this time of year than expectation?

I'm anxious to begin the following in 2013:

I've seen several bloggers attempt the 365 photo project/photo-a-day. It really does sound like fun, provided one can keep up with it. I think I'll throw my hat in the race this year since I like the sound of a yearlong project. As I'm trying to structure my blog into themed days of the week this year, I'll probably post my daily photos all lumped into one post on either Saturdays or Sundays, but here's my very first contribution:

{bear watching the snow fall...everything outside is so white}

To you and yours on this exciting first day of 2013,

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