Monday, December 31, 2012

on this, our last day of the year 2012

On this, our last day of the year, I decided to show you a project I've been working on all year. I think I saw it on Pinterest in 2011 and decided it would be quite easy and rewarding. I took note cards, wrote the date on each of them in the top right corner (January 1st, March 18th, etc.), and marked each with "2012." New form of diary/calendar!

Don't you ever have days where you randomly look back in your planner, see a date with nothing much written on it, and ask yourself, "Self, WTF did I do that day? No, seriously, I can't remember for the life of me." That happens to me so often. That's why this was the perfect project, one that I will continue to love since you write a blurb about each day for each following year that will fit on the card. Usually, I'll write something about the previous day when I get to work each weekday morning. I am SO excited to write my blurb about tomorrow, January 1st.

{cards from this year about to begin 2013...and a watercolor nebula i painted yesterday}

 Here are some highlights from this year:

January 1, 2012: "Helped Philip clean up leaves in the backyard. The day was warm and pleasant."
January 23, 2012: "Spent a nice evening w/Philip, who got a sword in the mail that he ordered. Geek."
February 1, 2012: "Huge cramp in my right shoulder & neck that yoga didn't help. Ouch. But I ate 4 vegan doughnuts, yay!"
February 6, 2012: "It's Enu's 7th birthday! She got a new Nylabone on Sat. but ate it all in 10 mins. Silly girl."
February 22, 2012: "70 degrees here! Caught the last rays of sun on the back porch w/some Nick Drake, lounge chair, & ice water."
March 3, 2012: "We bought bikes today! :) Matching pair, from the 70s/80s. First ones we saw, cheapest, and the guy made us a deal."
March 25, 2012: "Best day ever! Yardwork, bike ride to Squeezer's w/Phil, artichokes, sunshine, and Mad Men. Sunburn :("
April 14, 2012: "Super bad tornadoes tonight. Our basement & the street flooded. Hung out on corner w/neighbors to direct traffic."
May 1, 2012: "Went to the most beautiful, gorgeous, awe-inspiring show in Lawrence tonight (M83). Want to see them again!!"
May 19, 2012: "Rode bikes to the library & dipped our feet into the nearby park fountain while resting. Lovely day."
June 12, 2012: "Tonight I went to yoga AND went running afterward. Saw weirdos swimming in Oak Park water. Totes gross."
July 12, 2012: "Totes got hit on by an "aspiring cage fighter" while running down by the river last night! Told me I had it "goin' on." Ha!"
July 28, 2012: "HOLY HELL! I ran 1/3 of the 5k & had to walk the rest. 106 degrees...really? WTF."
September 11, 2012: "Ran 2 miles! Felt great. Posted my first blog since April."
October 19, 2012: "100 days until the cruise! Ate at Tsunami tonight & became obsessed with sriracha :)"
October 27, 2012: "Spent the whole day in pajamas at home w/Philip watching movies. Bliss."
December 15, 2012: "Had planned on going to Mary's party but went to the doctor instead. Stayed up watching Clueless."
December 20, 2012: "It snowed this morning (finally!!). Mostly ice, but hey, I'll take it! Started a scarf for xmas exchange."
December 30, 2012: "Went over to Shan/Brant's for a Game Night. We played Monopoly, & Shan won. Best Game Night ever!"

Also, we finally got some more snow this morning. This lovely lady wanted to go running around in it. Here she is...just spotted me taking photos of her through the window:

{she's always been a sucker for snow}

{"really, Mom?"}

Here's to hoping you all have a wonderful New Years' Eve/Day and a fabulous 2013! We'll be staying in tonight (first time in a while), eating waffles and playing Trivial Pursuit.


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