Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Clothing Refashion: Just in Time for Xmas

Hey there! Hope you're all enjoying the holidays. I decided to refashion a thrifted $5.00 dress last week, and this is how it turned out. Say hello to what I wore for Xmas Eve:

{long icky dress to cute babydoll dress}
{i wanted to wear it with flats, but it was 10 degrees. boots were best!}

{worn with a George (Wal-Mart) cardigan from like 2005/6,  Old Navy leggings, and vegan boots from  Alternative Outfitters}

{took in the sleeves and bodice and cut off some length}

{i tried to get a shot of the bodice, which has awesome overlapping stitches}

Some outtakes: 

And a special holiday message:

Happy Holidays, everyone!


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