Sunday, January 13, 2013

Seen By Me Sunday: Jan 13

{mon, jan 7~sleeping doggie}

{tues, jan 8~"i can haz belly rub?"}

{weds, jan 9~messing around after taking some what i wore photos}
No photo Thursday--our SD card wasn't wanting to be inserted into the camera, so no camera was available today. Philip fixed it Friday, though--needed a new SD card and to dig out a chipped piece of the old one out of the SD card drive on the camera. Crisis: averted! 

{fri, jan 11~xmas-free fireplace. why yes, we love Marvel}

{sat, jan 12~cruise necessities}

{sun, jan 13~blue dress refashion underway!}


1 comment:

  1. Another adorable outfit Jes, I love the little black skirt and black leggings with the brown polka dot shirt! I'm wondering if you're going to wear this on your cruise?

    Bon voyage darling girl!
    Aunt Sherry