Monday, January 14, 2013

Memory Lane Monday: Jan 14

It's Monday, which  means another look into the past. 

This entry comes from the same date as the last, Sept 6, 1985.

Friday, Sept. 6, 1985
You woke today in good spirits, but it's not going to be a great day for you. We went to pick up pictures for you at Skagg's Alpha Beta. Then you went to Denny's to visit Grandma Carolyn so she could show you off to everyone. We pretty much tried to stay away from the house today because our landlord is laying a new kitchen floor.
This afternoon Mommy took you to Dr. Ray Cook's office. you had a great time--so full of energy. The nurse had to take you around to show you off. That sure made one heck of a proud mommy out of me. You had to get your polio vaccination and your DPT shot. You sure don't like those shots. But you soon forgot about it. We went to Grandma Carolyn's house to rest up a bit. Her and Grandpa Timmy just kept you a laughin'. The just love to spoil their messica-Jessica. But why not? Children are to be spoiled. Especially you, sweetheart. You had a pretty good evening too. The shots didn't affect you really until night time. Then you hurt & ran a fever. You were pretty much cranky from the shots. But we took care of our baby, and you finally got some sleep. God love you. Goodnight & Bless you my darling.

I really love reading these. It's been years and years, and as I write these here, I'm remembering. And it feels good.


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