Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Take-a-Look Tuesday: Jan 15

You know I've only got one thing on my mind lately...my upcoming vacation. The last time I went on a real, honest to Jebus vacation, I was 16 years old (to France in the summer of 2001~one of the best times of my life).

{yes, there's a stain on my shirt that i didn't notice until we left the hotel. urg. still! so much fun!}
So this Take-a-Look Tuesday is going to be all about vacation stuff that I've found around the interwebs!

{golden age!}

{perfect as a travel journal}

{gorgeous dress from Rockstar Boxer, a shop here in Wichita. check out the back of this dress--stunning!}

{cute, retro tank}

{i would totes buy this.}

{fantastic! cruise with friends, just like mine}

Seriously, my excitement can't be contained!


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