Sunday, January 20, 2013

Seen By Me Sunday: Jan 20

Hello, dear readers! I hope your weekend has been all you wanted it to be. It's my last weekend on dry land~we set sail (though the ship doesn't have sails, as Philip likes to point out) next Sunday at almost this time!


Anyway, here are my contributions this week to my 365 photo project. Philip bought me a smart, little Nikon Coolpix for the trip, so I spent the week trying it out.

{mon, jan 14~testing out my new Nikon Coolpix camera before the trip}
{tue, jan 15~finishing up my polka-dotted dress}
{wed, jan 16~hanging out in the kitchen.}
{thur, jan 17~cruise stuff piling up. Philip made me that journal a while back.}
{fri, jan 18~new baby for Enu! she's like a puppy again.}
{sat, jan 19~Enu loves her new piggy baby. it oinks!}
{sun, jan 20~wait, how does this thing work again?}

Happy Sunday!


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  1. haha this banana cutter is awesome :)