Monday, January 21, 2013

Memory Lane Monday: Jan 21

Hello everyone! I hope your week hasn't gotten you down yet. Today was a no-good, crummy day until I got home. Enu and I just played "Boo!" (this is basically us running around the house with me finding a hiding place. Good times!). She's such a fun girl.

Since this is Monday, here's the next installment of Memory Lane Mondays. Another entry from my mother's journal to me when I was a baby.

Sat, Sept. 7, 1985
You were still running a bit of a fever today--only 99 degrees. Aunt Khris and Uncle Aziz watched you today while mommy went to work. They really enjoy their favorite and only niece. We didn't do anything today but play, sleep and eat. Time to go sleepy now. Mommy loves you. God bless you.

Here's to hoping the week improves! It's the final countdown to my cruise!!


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