Sunday, January 6, 2013

Seen By Me Sunday: Jan 6

Remember when I said I was doing a 365 photo project this year? I decided to post my photos once a week (for ease). So I came up with "Seen By Me Sundays" to serve as this weekly run-down of my photos.

{tue, jan 1~snowy outside, cozy inside}

{wed, jan 2~a knitting practice swatch reborn into a cute bag}

{thurs, jan 3~score at Kohl's on a giftcard from MIL Patsy (thanks, Patsy!!)--clothing for my cruise}

{fri, jan 4~culling my book collection--down to a single row on each shelf. quite an accomplishment!}

{sat, jan 5~more books to go--listing textbooks on my account for upcoming spring semester}

{sun, jan 6~two-parter. cute 2013 planner i got for 1/2 off at Target. it pays to wait a couple days to buy a new one!}

{sun, jan 6 #2~a page inside the planner. so cute.}

Are you undertaking a 365/52 kind of project this year?


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