Monday, January 7, 2013

Memory Lane Monday: Jan 7

This is the beginning of a new thing I'm doing here...themed days! My blog seems to have several different topics. It's never been exclusively about vegan food (save for Vegan MoFo, duh!); I, like many humans, have multiple interests :)

As part of the new blog schedule, this post is the first of what I call "Memory Lane Mondays." It'll be composed of all my favorite memories from birth until now (at least, ones I'm willing to share).

On Xmas Day, my mom brought over some sentimental things along with our regular gifts. Among these items were some notebooks I instantly recognized. After I was born, my mom journaled to me during most of my first year of life. These books are absolute treasures, and I'm so glad they've survived. For real, if our house was to catch on fire and I could take some sentimental things with me quickly, I'd definitely take these books.

I remember finding these in my mom's closet when I was younger, sitting on her bedroom floor and devouring them in glee. You can definitely tell I was the first child in the family by these books. I love them to death and love my mom for writing them. I'd like to share the very first entry with you for "Memory Lane Monday."

Sept. 6, 1985
Jessica. My sweet, sweet Jessica.
Today you are 4 months & 8 days old. This personal diary is your life, my love. This will be given to you on your 18th Birthday for you to read and relive. All the memories that time gave us are here in your diary. Actually, I should have started this the day you were born, but I didn't think of it--so I'll backtrack 4 months & 8 days.
You were born April 28, 1985 a healthy beautiful baby girl. My dreams came true. I was a mommy. I went into labor with you on my due date but had you the next morning at 8:07a.m. I had you by Cesarean Section because, the nurses told daddy, your cord was wrapped so tight around your neck that you just wouldn't drop any more. I was dilated to 7cm and was in labor for 14 hours. Your Grandma Carolyn and Aunt Sherry waited all night in the waiting room for you. They just couldn't wait. Then, when you were born, the nurse went down to the waiting room and announced "Shields." Well, neither of them answered because that's not their names. Then they both realized I was Shields and then ran all the way to the receiving nursery to see you. They got to watch your daddy feeding you your first bottle of glucose water. They watched you being examined and they watched you cry and daddy tough your ear and you calmed down. Daddy was patient throughout the whole thing. He was the happiest daddy on earth when you arrived. Heck, he got to hold you before I did. When I was at Wesley with you, I called him and he was crying. I asked him why and he said "She's so beautiful. I'm so lucky and happy." You were born 6lbs 6oz and 19 3/4 inches long. Up to now, you're still a pretty tiny kid. A lot of people can't believe you're 4 months old. But a lot of people say you're advanced for your age because you're so aware and already up on your hands & knees ready to crawl.
Well, let's see how to begin to tell what's happened in the past 4 months. Mommy had to go back to work--part time--so on Mondays & Tuesdays Grandma Carolyn & Grandpa Timmy look after you, Wed & Thurs Mommy's home. Fridays Aunt Sherry watches you. And Saturdays, Aunt Carol, Aunt Khris & Grandma Gloria & Grandma Leroy all take turns. One day, Grandpa Timmy had you by himself for a few hours, and he went to change your diaper, but he needed to put powder on you. Well, they lid to the powder was broke. I knew it, but nobody else did. He powdered you 2 inches thick & a foot all the way around you. They saved the diaper for me to see. I was rolling on the floor laughing. Aunt Carol was feeding you juice one day & couldn't believe how fast you were drinking it. Well, come to find out, the lid to the bottle was loose and you were soaked from head to foot. Grandma Carolyn walked around with poo poo on her shirt for a while before anyone told her it was there. 
You're smiling real big & laughing aloud. You love to sit up, stand up, & walk. I didn't even have to show you how to walk. When I stood you up one day you just started putting one foot in front of the other. Amazing, gracious Jessica. Now you blow bubbles, to communicate I think you sing out to talk. You have such a sweet innocent voice.
One day, Grandpa Timmy, Grandma Carolyn, you and I went to the store. You and Grandpa Timmy stayed out in the car while Grandma Carolyn & I went inside for just a few minutes--we thought. It turned out to be almost an hour. When we came out, Grandpa Timmy was walking up & down the sidewalk with you--he had poo poo all over his hand and you had poo poo everywhere. He didn't know where to change you--so he pacified you til help came. Only your Grandpa Timmy would be so calm through such a messy ordeal. Sweet thing--you are truly loved by everyone.
You like to stick your face through your crib bars & yell out. I think you're begging to be set free, ha ha. You have already noticed your hands & feet and just about able to put your feet into your mouth.

I love you, Mom!


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