Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Take-a-Look Tuesday: Jan 29

Since last week's Take-a-Look Tuesday was all about knitting, this week's post is about crocheting! My mom makes the COOLEST things. Her blankets are fought over every Xmas, and the majority of presents she brings us each year are crocheted. I adore getting crocheted items from her :)

Here are some crochet-related things I'm loving lately:

{my mom used this tutorial and made me a cute luggage tag for my vacation}

{Ah! So awesome! Mom, you should make one for me! lol}

{this book looks pretty doable}

{check out the awesome blanket my mom made for our xmas exchange in 2010 modeled by my Aunt Carol--i got a similar one from her}

{and this is her contribution in 2011--i also got a similar one for a present}


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