Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thrifted Thursday: Jan 10

Hey there! Guess what I recently found while thrifting?

There's this owl--
{a cutie pie owl for $0.95 at The DAV}

And then there's all this (hint: I had a little fun)--

{80s Alexis Petites silver dress, $5 Goodwill}

{thinking of making it into a top}

{vintage Schrader dress, $5 Goodwill}

{the belt is my own vintage hair scarf}

{Serbin designed by Marianne dress, $5 Goodwill}

{no more spinning!}

{belt from another dress. this dress comes w/a belt, which i could buckle, but just}

{vintage Montgomery Wards blouse, $4 Goodwill; skirt, Old Navy years ago}

{vintage Metropolitan Museum of Art pin. i actually glued it to the wall of a diarama castle i made in 6th grade, like 1996-97. i learned the error of my ways a couple years later and rescued it}

{vintage drop earrings that i've had for years}


1 comment:

  1. You are SO adorable!! That plaid dress really reminds me of one I wore...back in the day.