Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday: Jan 9

I'm jumping on the "What I Wore Wednesday" bandwagon! Except for this week, I'm going to show you some stuff I got for my upcoming cruise. In that case, it's more aptly named "What I WILL Wear Wednesday!" I went to Kohl's twice this week/weekend and spent a $50 giftcard from my mother-in-law, Patsy (thank you again, Patsy!!!!!).

Note: please don't pay attention to my tights--I couldn't remember if I'd shaved my legs or not and was trying the tights on anyway. Also disregard the lighting...ugh. Inside photos suck. Plus, I wanted to wear my sunglasses...what (that's for you, Philip).

{tank--Kohl's, $5.40; shorts--St Johns Bay(?), Walmart $1.00 (gift from Mom); tights--Target $5.00}

{shirt--Lauren Conrad, Kohl's, $2.70}
{dress--Lauren Conrad, Kohl's, $7.50}

{shirt--Elle, Kohl's, $2.25)
{dress--Lauren Conrad, Kohl's, $9.60}

{dress--Apt 9(?), Kohl's, $4.80)

{tank--(I forget the brand), Kohl's, $3.00}

{dress--Jennifer Lopez, Kohl's, $4.80}
{dress--(I forget the brand), Kohl's, $10.50}

{dress--Merona from Target, $5.00, Goodwill}

{$7.00--tank bought at this online shop--from one of the coolest blogs i ever did see!}

{$15.00--also bought here. was on her blog here.}

And Philip...always the joker. Har, har :)

{i seriously love this guy.}


UPDATE!: I've been contacted with a 10% OFF coupon to use on the Kohl's website to be stacked with one other code! Use "TENFORBLOG" from January 11th through March 9th (thanks so much!!). I used it to order a FABULOUS Lauren Conrad dress. So excited!

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