Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thrifted Thursday: Jan 17

Philip took me to Goodwill last weekend (for real: he wears a watch and gives me 20 minutes to shop...this is why I like going by myself LOL). It's kind of a tool-move, but in his defense we're usually out running errands, and he hates being in Goodwill longer than he has to. Plus, I take fooooorrrreeeevvvveeerrrr to shop. But I get him back by complaining each and every time we go to Best Buy :)

So, in my allotted 20  minutes, here's what I found:

{3 lovely scarves and a cute bracelet picked out by Philip}

{nicole miller blouse--didn't quite fit me, so i'm thinking of giving it to a friend}

{cute 70s/80s dress--this'll be one that i refashion}

{what do you think i should do to the dress--remove sleeves? shorten it?}

What have you found lately?


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  1. You did well! What great finds.