Friday, February 15, 2013

At Sea, Jan 29

Hey all! Didn't get to continue my trip updates yesterday with it being Valentine's Day and all. My husband and I worked out at the Y after work, ate some quick dinner, and then I spent the evening making him this:

{used the watercolors he bought me for xmas}
But on with the show! January 29th was one of my favorite days on the ship--the excitement and promise that the upcoming ports of call brought was clouding my mind, I had Best Coast and M83 on repeat on my mp3 player, the sun was especially bright and gorgeous, and I had the most delicious curry ever for dinner. Good times!

{second day of sunbathing}

{a girl could get used to this, i tell ya}
{hanging out in the salt water pool. photo by rachel.}

{later in the afternoon, i went exploring and found the "peek-a-boo deck"}

{"hey, dude sailing this boat, what's up?"}

{even later in the afternoon, we went to watch some of our friends play basketball and rock climb} 

{omg, raccoon eyes! ha!}

{delicious frissee salad with roasted butternut squash and white beans}

{tasty veggie curry with basmati rice for dinner}

{after dinner drinks with my friend, Rachel}

{the end to a perfect day!}


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