Monday, February 18, 2013

Roatan, Honduras, Jan 30

Yay, it's Monday. And I don't have the day off :(

But I'm going to console myself by showing you the next day in my cruise vacation, January 30th (our first port!). I don't have too many photos of this day for three reasons:
1) right after taking the photos below, my camera, which hadn't warned me about a low battery, decided it needed to be charged.
2) I used a water camera while snorkeling at the beach and haven't gotten the film developed yet (I'll post the photos later if they turn out).
3) and I also got SUPER DRUNK after coming back to the ship, which caused me to miss dinner. So not too many photos...

Here's what I currently have, though:

{hey! we're here! squeee!}

{beeeeautiful sunrise behind Roatan}

{land is a gorgeous sight}

{did I mention how excited I was?!?}

{houses along the shore}

{docking in Roatan}

{freaking beautiful island}

We had a total blast snorkeling at Tabyana Beach while in Roatan. The drive was a bit perilous, but I LOVED it. The driver knew everything about the road--where to stop for photo opportunities, every freaking pothole to avoid. It was like being on a roller coaster, and I found myself holding up my hands at times like I was on one (I'm a dork, obvs).

At the beach, we were briefed on snorkeling by the teachers, got our gear, and went out to practice. I thought I would end up drowning, but snorkeling was easy! We went out with our guide, Troy, and saw some awesome fish and coral. Hopefully, my photos turn out! After snorkeling, we ate lunch and lounged on the beach. I was rocking a pretty red sunburn from the past two days, so I tried staying in the shade as much as possible. Then our whole group snorkeled together, which turned out to be horrible because my mask kept filling up with water on the left side. I had to dump out the water every couple of minutes or so. I tried readjusting it, as did our guide, and it still didn't work, but I made it through!

We drove back to the ship in time, got showered, and then I went to the bar to have a drink and talk to strangers (it's so much fun, you should try it lol). I ended up having a wonderful conversation with a lady, Ruth from Nashville, for several hours. My friends found me at the bar before dinner, four strawberry daiquiris later (the last one on the house...not the best idea). I had a mishap with my barstool, and Jen got me back to the room after dragging me up one flight of stairs, shoving me into the elevator for the other floor, and telling people I was "her lady" after I threatened to pee on her. Fun times! I ended up puking up the daiquiris in our bathroom toilet, sleeping for a while, and then woke up feeling better and ate some delicious stir-fry they brought me from Windjammer Cafe.

I have the best friends ever, pretty much. :)


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