Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Home, Feb 3 (wah wah...)

Ah, the end of the journey. Everything accomplished and still wanting more. That's the basis of how I felt upon returning to Galveston at the end of the week-long cruise. I loved being able to get away from everything, meet new people (I talked with lots of new people--strangers and the crew), and see places I'd only ever dreamed about. 

{last sunrise...already docked in Galveton}

{goodbye balcony}

One piece of advise from disembarking is to GO EARLY. We didn't want to hang out any longer on the ship than necessary (would only cut into the driving time back). So we chose to hang on to our bags and take early disembarking, which just meant bringing our bags down to deck four and waiting to be lead out in a group. We, luckily, hit the first group and were off the ship and through customs in probably 20-25 minutes (maybe even less!). I will definitely do this on future cruises.

{still amazed by how large the ship is when on lad}

{parting view...sigh}

The drive from Galveston to Wichita was SO. FREAKING. LONG. Instead of stopping for the night, like on the drive down, we powered through and got back in the evening. Still, longest drive everrrrr...

{Sam Houston statue, looming large}

Once back, it seemed totally surreal. Philip and Enu fared well while I was gone that entire time, as I expected. 

{Philp trying out his creepy old man marionette}

{trying on his luchador mask. best souvenir ever.}
{unpacking hell.}

And with that, I'd like to announce that I'm moving to Belize. Peace out!


PS--Just joking...(sadly). But I'd love to move to Belize someday. Out of any other the places we visited, it grew on me the most.

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