Monday, April 8, 2013

At Sea, Feb 2

No one likes returning from a fantastic vacation. NO ONE. (And if you secretly do...what's wrong with you?!?)

However, boozing it up certainly helps one forget about being on the downslope of a vacation. That's pretty much what our last whole day at sea consisted of.

Jen and I, along with some other ladies from our group, went to Bartender Paul's second cocktail class. We tasted four fabulous cocktails, including RCCL's signature Razzle Dazzle drink. So frapping good!

{oh yeah, plus it rained...another reason to drink.}

{Annette helping Paul mix up drinks}

{the result: pretty darned tasty!}

{this is what happens when you get to class late...short chairs!}

{tall Jes and short Jen}

{group shot!}

{the fourth and final delicious}

{ah, i miss my tan...}

Our last dinner consisted of Rachel and Jen trying their best "Jes photo faces." The evidence is below.

{the ladies pre-joking}

{one of my photo faces they tried to replicate}

{Jen's attempt is fairly dead-on}

{Rachel channeling me, ha!}

So, instead of depressing myself during our last full day of cruising, I found myself some drinks and an RCCL Catalog to peruse in an attempt to find my next vacation. 


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