Friday, April 5, 2013

Cozumel, Feb 1

What's up? It's Friday! Woo! Two months ago on a Friday similar to this, I was in Cozumel! (Well, OK, it was warmer, though strangely cloudier...). I remember that day well...

{Jen showing the RCCL Allure of the Seas passengers what's what}

{breakfast next to the larger ship}

{oh, my poor, burnt forehead...i think it started peeling this day...urg}

{the girls in front of both ships}

{ready for the beach, I think?}

{it really is fascinating to see two ships side-by-side like this. and I thought our ship was huge...maybe some day i'll take a trip on the Allure or Oasis of the Seas}

{Playa del Mia beach...totally made up for the cloudy weather!}

{this was some neat sand. we kept finding seashells in it, and my feet were buffed after walking around in it for several hours}

{the beach really was quite beautiful and well-maintained}


{"oh, we aren't allowed on this right now? ok..."}

{for $15 more than the regular excursion fee, we got FREE DRINKS all day...worth it!}

{Rachel! PINA! lol}

{stormy did end up misting for a while, but nothing too bad}


{who goes to Mexico and reads on the beach? these gals.}

{jen posing in the luchador mask i bought my husband as a souvenir}


{view back on the boat}

{magnificent water in Cozumel}

{how cute is that?!? the Allure crew held up a huge hand to wave 'goodbye' to us as we left}

{i stood on our balcony and watch us depart for quite some time}

{at this point, i wasn't thrilled to have to go back to reality}

{our 2nd formal dinner night...we decided to take one happy and one sad photo...the photographers kept hiding this sad face print behind the happy one when on the display, haha!}

{after-dinner drinks at Bolero's with rachel}

{so damned sunburned...}

Only two more days to put on here! It's two months after the cruise, and I wish I was back there.


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