Sunday, July 7, 2013

So we bought a record player...And upcycled a stand for it

Last weekend, Philip and I left home to go to a pool party. One of our neighbors next door is in the process of moving out and had left some stuff on the curb for free. We stopped, picked up a shelf thing, put it on our porch, and proceeded on to the pool party. There was also this dingy, rusty stand in the same pile that we didn't initially grab. But I thought it over while at the pool party, and it was luckily still on the curb when we returned home later in the evening.

At about the same time this happened, we decided what we needed most in life was a record player. Philip grew up listening to songs on vinyl at his mutti's house, and my own mother grew up on records, though I don't recall us owning a record player when I was a kid.

Not sure exactly WHY we wanted one, just that we both came to the conclusion that we needed one at the same time. Strange how after nine years together we think about things like this. Like when we were at Cafe Gratitude and our server, Matt, asked us their daily question, we both came up with our answer at the same time. Matt asked us, "What past problem has turned into something positive?" (or something along those lines), and at the exact same time, Philip and I pointed at each other and said "You!" jokingly. There are times when I ask him, "Are you in my head?" Anyway, this record stand is another tidbit of proof that we have been around each other for a looooooong time.

{So this is the junk we picked up for free on a whim}

{Philip in action! He put on primer, painted the base white, and we decided on marigold for the top}

{Ta Da! One record player stand in beautiful and vibrant marigold, to serve as a steady and gorgeous base for our record playing needs.}

{We picked up a brand new/portable record player from Target. Works beautifully!}

{Record player & stand in place in our living room.}

{Bumpin' Best Coast! I've been a listener for several years now and want to see them in Lawrence in Sept. Missed them last year, sadly.}

{Different colored records are just the coolest, I think.}

{This is how you'll find me now, lounging, soaking up my favorite melodies and lyrics with the company of my favorite gal, Enu.}


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