Sunday, July 7, 2013


My husband, Philip, and I decided to revisit Kansas City, MO (KCMO) for the first time since probably 2006. We'd both been up separately for various reasons--school functions and the like; but since we moved to Wichita from Manhattan in 2007, we hadn't gone up for a day with each other. We'd like to stay the night (somewhere) in the future, but it'll take us getting our dog, Enu, accustomed to another human being. She's not very people-friendly but has become more relaxed in her advancing age. Any volunteers? :)

So we set off early Friday morning with our array of aims and wants in mind. I wanted to visit a vintage clothing store (which ended up being kind of a bust), and we both wanted to hit up a record store and The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. Philip took me to The Nelson waaaaaay back in 2004 when we were first dating and then several times after that, but as I said, it had been a long time! The museum had been planning on building an entirely new wing the last time we visited, and FINALLY we got to see it in finished form and all its glory.

{beautiful morning}
{after an almost 3-hr drive, we arrived!}
{cool art in the Crossroads area of town}
{Philip wants to have a show in NYC}
{I want to grow one thing in a garden that lives}

{Hey, Shop Ki-Ki}
{I think Philip said this was the side of a skate shop he's been to before}
{I remember coming here in 2004 and it being a crummy section of town}
{Oh man, I've been waiting foreva to eat at Cafe Gratitude, and they did not disappoint!}
{I had the "I am Transformed" tacos--freaking DELICIOUS.}
{Philip had the "I am Bonita" breakfast taco bowl, and we shared a n "I am Eternally Youthful" milkshake. GOOD LORD.}

{We didn't intend to stop at Mills Record Co. in Westport but chanced by it. Fabulous new store!}
{FINALLY, The Nelson!!}
{Monet is meant to be seen from afar, but I found myself getting closer and closed to it}
{Coming to worship in the Chinese Art Collection}

{It took both of us three tries each, ha!}
{The art museum had a great Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera travelling exhibit in their new wing which we enjoyed, but it was so dang crowded.}

{my legs}
{I found this piece absolutely stunning}

{another awesome piece just outside of the Kahlo/Rivera exhibit}
{At Winstead's, so tired...must go home...}

{Vinyl Renaissance record store. Owned/operated by some awesome people.}

{Philip's loot, though I like a couple of these groups myself}
{My loot, of which Philip likes nothing, ha!}
{Sunny legs on the drive home. Until next time, KC!}

We had SUCH a lovely time and are already planning a trip up to Lawrence in a few weeks. I could see us moving to either city when Philip moves on to his terminal degree.


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