Wednesday, June 26, 2013

10k Follow-Up!

I can't believe it's taken me nearly a month to post about my very first 10k! I've been so darned busy lately. It's time for a "life clean." I need to get my shiz together :)

Leading up to the event, I had been working out but not so much running. Still looked forward to running the race and having a good time with my friends.

{early morning--race started at 7am. view across the river on the way to the start}
{finish line photo with my friend, Jen, photo from Running Connection}

{post race with my friend, Michelle, adorned in race medals}

{announcement of race winners}

{back home after the race}

{flex! lol}

{shadow kissing...i'm calling it a new trend}

The race was a blast! It started early enough so it wasn't too hot by the time we crossed the finish. We got to a point a little under a mile left in the race when some dude was talking to Jen and I, and I finally said, "Jen, let's bust it out!" In the last stretch to the finish line, Jen said, "I'll race you to the finish!" So we did, and I can't believe I still had a burst of energy left in me. It was the most fun I've had crossing the finish line ever. People cheered us on! And since they messed up my bib time tracking, I'm counting Jen's time as mine, too, since we both crossed together (1:23:21). She has a blog--check it out!!

Not sure what's next on the running front. I've always wanted to run a half marathon; it's just if I have the want and desire to train!


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