Friday, June 21, 2013

RAW Week: Day Four Recap

Day Four of 2013's RAW Week saw me counting down the hours until I could go home and make some mac 'n cheeze. Seriously, I don't know how that craving developed, but it was pretty much all-consuming. Even as I ate my awesome cherries for breakfast and leftover Raw Asian Rice Bowl (minus the "rice") for lunch, all I could think about was mac 'n cheeze.

And, I have to be honest, it was AMAZING when I finally got to eat it for dinner. I loved it, but I didn't miss the bloat or sleepiness that I got after eating it. With raw foods, I never had that. This stretch of 4 days made me really feel great, even when I would fall asleep later than usual. I'm going to attribute that to raw food and say it was a success.

And you can bet your buttons that I'm making more banana chia seed pudding for breakfasts next week. That stuff is so delicious!! :D


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