Thursday, June 20, 2013

RAW Week: Day Three Recap

So, I've decided to "call it a week" after most of Day Four (today). All I can think about is making a huge bowl of vegan mac 'n cheeze tonight, and I somehow have all the necessary ingredients at home. I wanna be swimming in cheeze sauce!

Day Three consisted of eating raw until about 8pm when I ate some candy. So I guess you could go with the Mark Bittman "Vegan Before 6" idea and call it "RAW Before 6." Ha!

Breakfast consisted of the last of my banana chia pudding (*sadface*), then I had strawberries, a banana, and tea in the afternoon. Lunch was this beautiful salad using some ingredients from the Raw Asian Rice Bowl that I planned for dinner.

{yummy salad with far mar greens, marinated portabellos/cukes/zucchini, and avocado}
Dinner was AMAZING. And since I had most of the components already marinated, it came together nicely.  I used THIS RECIPE but made it into a rice bowl instead of lettuce wraps. Also, I added some more spices to the jicama "rice" once prepared and then put a plate of the rice, zucchini, and portabellos into my dehydrator for like 20 minutes to warm up. Topped it with shredded carrots, sesame seeds, cilantro, and green onions. Not shown is the sriracha I slathered on...while not raw, it's delicious and mega-addictive.

{the jicama rice was neat and actually looked like cooked rice}

I'm on my last day right now, post-lunch, and craving the crap out of some mac 'n cheeze.


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