Wednesday, June 19, 2013

RAW Week: Day Two Recap

Day Two of RAW Week was a trial. I felt great but had a work dinner to attend during which I tried to eat raw. See? I would have already felt like a failure if I had set myself up for the "100% or nothing" model.

Oh, and then there are some cravings:

{some M-Fing cookies, dude}


{and more pasta}

{did i mention cookies...?}

I ate most of the same food as Day One: banana chia seed pudding, strawberries, salad for lunch, honeydew melon, chai tea, and a banana. My manager took several of us out to eat for dinner to visit with an associate in town this week, and I was able to find something I could easily veganize at the restaurant (here's a secret I've found--I ordered a chicken salad and asked them to just put the chicken on a side plate. This makes it so you don't get weird questions/looks from the server. I hate ordering anything with meat, but if there's a beautiful and edible salad it comes with, I'll do it). Besides the salad, I had a margarita and some guac with chips. They called it their "Perfect Margarita," and they certainly weren't lying. It was the shiz.

And then when I got home, I noshed on some cuke slices and a veggie hot dog (what? don't judge!).


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