Tuesday, June 18, 2013

RAW Week 2013: Day One Recap

Sometimes you just need a little life refresher. It's just a stretch of time where you take care of yourself (and not just physically but also mentally). I've been due for one of those refreshers for a LONG time, believe you me. I felt it was time for a RAW week. I don't plan on being absolutely 100% RAW during the week because I know that's just setting myself up for failure. I don't really know how long this "week" will last, either. I just wanted something different from the junk I've been consuming lately.

So I perused some of my cookbooks and a couple of websites and figured out my week. A stop by the farmer's market and the supermarket, and I was ready to go!

{Far Mar haul! strawberries, 2 portabellos, cabbage, basil, kale, and greens}

Day One (Monday, June 17th) was all about making as many meals and components for the week ahead of time as possible. I got breakfast knocked out through Wednesday with a freaking delicious banana chia seed pudding from Matthew Kenney's Everyday Raw Express. You guys...yoooouuuu guys...this is the tastiest chia pudding I've ever made. Srsly, get his book and try it out. The batch I made (which was short half of the chia seeds called for) will last me three breakfasts, and it's really filling and soooo delicious. I topped mine with cacao nibs. I ate some delicious and tiny far mar strawberries for my mid-morning snack.

{banana chia pudding from Matthew Kenney's Everyday Raw Express

For lunch, I had a kale salad that I whipped up with some far mar kale from the weekend. I tossed it with some lemon and oil and topped it with some cucumber and tomatoes and ate it along with some awesome honeydew melon that I cut up the night before. Mid-afternoon snack was some chai tea and a banana. I'm pretty OK with having tea here and there this week. Like I said, not 100% :)

{so proud of my pretty plate of "pasta"}

Dinner, though, was my favorite. I've made zucchini pasta before. I don't have a spiralizer (not sure why since they're only about $30-40, but hey!). My mandoline and knife worked just fine for the task. I threw together a marinara using 4 soaked sun-dried tomatoes, half a pint of cherry tomatoes, 1/2 tsp oil, handful basil, dried oregano/garlic powder/onion powder/black pepper/sea salt, and a little agave.  I topped the zucchini with the marinara and threw the whole thing into my dehydrator for a few minutes to warm up. Topped it with nooch, and proceeded to nom.

{zucchini "pasta" and homemade raw marinara, topped with nooch}
Ok, I might have lied about the "pasta" being my favorite food of the day now that I remember this banana soft serve I whipped up with some frozen bananas, frozen dark cherries, and cacao nibs. Absolutely dreamy!

{freaking delicious cherry-'nana-chocolate soft serve}
For the overall of how I am feeling...I feel better! I have a tad bit more energy. Just tired of daily carb-a-polooza, y'know? We'll see how this week progresses.


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