Friday, August 16, 2013

Thrifted: Last Weekend

Last Friday, I went to one of the most awesome church garage sales I've ever had the pleasure of perusing. The people running the sale were so darned nice, and it was literally two blocks up the street from our house, so I couldn't pass it up. Found some cool stuff, and my husband went back later himself and found more stuff.

Here's what I thrifted:

{this $1 shelf will be a fun piece once refurbished}

{fabric and tablecloths for $0.50 ea or less}

{some clip-on earrings, embroidery hoops, a tray for $1, and an awesome sewing book from 1942 for $0.50}

{isn't she gorgeous?}

{I may end up listing this on my etsy site, haven't decided yet}

{and it came with all this cool stuff inside, all for $2}

{a record for $1, some cool glassware, a photo I'm going to rehang, and another for $0.50 that I'm refurbishing}


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