Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Craftiness--Crochet--Granny Stripe Blanket, Update 1

Last week, I decided that it was high time to FINALLY learn how to crochet. All I'd been able to proficiently make from childhood on was a single chain (*sadface* but I could rock the crap out of a chain as a kid!). My mom makes the COOLEST and most AWESOME things using crochet--see this previous post--and I wanted to know how, as well.

I watched some YouTube videos (search: "how to crochet"--lots of stuff out there!) and walked myself through the basic stitches using the videos and an "I Taught Myself to Crochet" book that Mom got me for Xmas (see? It's been in my mind to learn for a long time now!). I started to get the hang of it and decided I wanted to make an easy blanket.

Enter the Granny Stripe blanket. I want something to cover our entire queen-sized bed, so this will take a while. But I'm finding I can get through one stripe in about 30 minutes. I'll just zone out and crochet stripes while watching movies, making sure here and there that I haven't crocheted four DCs in a chain instead of three. I'm more-or-less following the pattern from Attic 24 (she's great, so talented!). You can find her Granny Stripe instructions here and here.

My blanket is a combo of mainly heather grey acrylic and flourescent yellow (and maybe purple later!) acrylic. I'm loving the contrast! Check back for progress updates :D

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