Friday, September 17, 2010

Getting Busy!

Gosh, I haven't posted on here in a whole week! I'm so ashamed.

It's been really busy lately. We're doing more wedding junk tomorrow (paying for tux rentals and increasing the tables/linens/chairs order--we only have 80 right now. Not going to cut it!). And then it's on to Kim and Steve's wedding in Argonia/Viola at 4:30pm!

Then we have to gear down Sunday for my professor's funeral. I'm really going to miss Dr. Miner. He only made it through two classes this semester. I took his Advanced Historical Methods back in fall 2008 when he was going through chemo. He wasn't always feeling his best, but he was always there and stressed that we, as new grad students, needed to attend every class because he had to when he was at our level. He said he had to get to class through a blizzard/firestorm/something insane one time because his professor expected the students to attend!

I was really looking forward to taking his class this semester. He probably had more knowledge about Wichita and its history than anyone here. I had the most wonderful privilege of processing a collection at the university archive about the Wichita Bibliophiles, of which he was a long-time member. He was one of the chief contributors to the collection, so I got to know him better through reading his papers, seeing photos, etc. I wish he could have stayed longer in this world.

Sometime soon I will post some recipes and other stuff I've been working on, but right now I am buried...


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