Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I am so proud that I got to be a part of this wonderful group of people here. I've read some superb posts by fellow bloggers, some really dynamic and creative stuff! And it made me want to strive to emulate just a fraction of the greatness I was seeing.

You all are very special. You see the possibilities of a simple carrot and the beauty within it. Be proud of what you have done and will continue to do with whatever your veg background is or will be. Thank you for one of the best months I've certainly ever had before. I think it should really be a bi-annual thing, but I'm not complaining :) At least you would get a taste of seasonal foods on the OTHER side of the year!

Please continue reading. I know I will continue reading more lovely and brilliant blogs in the future. I'm still pumped!

In other news, here's what's on my plate:

I made stuffed and baked mushroom tops from the PETA Vegan College cookbook (except they microwave them).

Basically it's mushroom tops stuffed with bread crumbs, Earth Balance, chives and the stems (finely diced). To that, I added diced black olives, garlic and onion powder and S&P and topped them additionally with mozz. Daiya (and vegan Worcestershire, which was The Hubs' idea). And I baked them. Yum!

And here's dinner from the previous evening. A quick chickpea salad, also from PETA's college cookbook. Just chickpeas, Vegenaise, and chopped celery. I also added fresh dill, sriracha, minced shallot and paprika. And put it on a bun, which actually worked out quite well for me!

Adieu, mon cher Vegan MoFo. Bon soir.


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  1. I'm sad it's ending too! I've discovered so many blogs during vegan MoFo. Those mushrooms look great.