Saturday, November 6, 2010

Um, I Lurv Books...Maybe Too Much.

I've been blogging every day, so I'm totally puffed up like a peacock right now. Yeah, it's true. I'm really frakkin' proud of myself for making an effort at this. I've been on Blogger since May 2010, and I've had probably an average of 5-6 pots in a given month (not being exact with that average. that's why I went into History and not Math, folks!), so I am breaking new records here. Woot!

The Hubs has an art show opening tonight (YAY FOR PHILIP NELLIS!), so I haven't had much time today to cook like I want to. I am DYING to make something super rad in our new Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer, and I snagged my very first loaf pan for bread at Kohl's with a wedding gift card.

I wanna make some bread. Also, I have this sucker lying around and need to use it or lose it. Maybe I'll mix the two...

I wanted to post about my book obsession. As I write this, I am surrounded in our office by FIVE 5-shelf bookcases, each pretty much double-packed with books (well, I lie...there are four bookcases around me, with one in the living room). We like books, so we had a book-themed wedding, complete with rad bouquets and bouttinieres designed from bookpages (WOOT Lauren @ Bookwormeatsflower!)

However, this being a food-minded adventure this month, I thought I would post some pretty photos of my cookbook obsession:

Here's the bulk of our cookbooks on a shelf in the kitchen.
Veg books to the left, non-veg to the right, generally.

The two 3-ring binders are completely full of recipes and food ideas I've stripped from a year's worth of magazines. The magazines below are from almost a year of collecting.
I'll go through all the non-veg ones at the end of December, pick what I don't want, and then recycle them.

By the way, and I know this is uber-geeky, the comics/graphic novels aren't just for The Hubs.
I read 'em, too, except for Akira. I hate that junk.

I know VegWeb has a post about cookbooks, but what all do you have in your home library? Do you prefer to check them out at the local library instead? What are your faves and why?

We're dipping into chilly temps here in Kansas, so it's about time to find a nice place to curl up with a good book until spring returns.



  1. I allllwaaayyss want more cookbooks, but try to restrict myself to the library most of the time. If I find something I absolutely love then I'll buy it. Sometimes I just go on a spree and buy loads randomly anyway. I too keep binders and clippings of all sorts of recipes, veggie and not, just for inspiration.

    Also I have got to say the name of your blog cracks me up. I think I'm the only 30-something who still thinks it's completely appropriate to respond to any (and every) statement with a your mom joke.

  2. Ah! That's awesome, thank you! "Your mom" jokes were a big thing with my friends and I. It got to the point that I would be responding to things IN MY HEAD with "Your mom -fill in the blank-."

    The magazine clippings thing is pretty therapeutic too, I think. The Hubs keeps telling me I should organize the recipes into categories, but I like how they currently are--I put them into the binders as I got them through the year, so they are arranged seasonally.