Friday, November 5, 2010

My Heart Sprouts with Love for Brussels

When I was a kid, I actually LOVED Brussels Sprouts. (I know, most of the related posts I've seen lately are all like, "I hated the hell out of those nasty things when I was a kid!", but I was an odd child). Plus, it was a little kindred connection with my mom, who also enjoyed the taste of Brussels Sprouts. It was always a treat for the two of us, since my brothers abhorred them.

From time to time, I like to steam some of these emerald lovelies but I hadn't eaten any in a while and had one heck of a hankering last night.

I might add that I tend to overdo it just a PINCH when it comes to "special" veggies...For instance: this summer I got into eating beets for the first time EVA, and one night I ate three roasted beets all by myself. I had magenta urine for several days afterwards (that's probably TMI, but whatever, you get the gist).

So last night I made Brussels Sprouts--Two Ways (I smell a trend here).

First course: Sautéd Brussels Sprouts Leaves over Penne with a Lemon & Garlic Sauce

Second course: Roasted Brussels Sprouts in a Balsamic Glaze (didn't want to waste the gems leftover from course one)

Basically, I cleaned a bunch of sprouts, cut off the tough ends, and peeled away multitudes of leaves. The amount isn't certain, you can sauté as much or as little as you want. They don't wilt down as much as you think they would.

Sauté the leaves with minced garlic until the leaves start to brown slightly. At this time, I deglazed the pan with some lemon juice from the mountain of lemons I had left over after the wedding. Season as you see appropriate and then toss the leaves and lemon sauce with the penne you craftily had cooking away this whole time.

For the roasted sprouts, I halved what I had left over after the de-leafing, tossed them in olive oil and balsamic vin. (along w/S&P of course), and then spread them out on a sheetpan. I roasted them for about 30 minutes at either 350 or 400 degrees (I really need to start remembering that info!).

I then proceeded to stuff myself with the pasta and roasted sprouts until I burst. True story.

Have a SUPERB weekend (I'll be here, lonely, thinking of yummy concoctions).



  1. I loved brussel sprouts as a kid too. My grandfather always served them too me. I like the idea to sautée only the leaves, I will try it sometime for sure :)

  2. I third loving brussel sprouts as a kid! My grandfather also used to cook them. For some reason I hadn't had them in probably 15 years until last year when the guy I was dating mentioned they were his favorite so I've been on a sprout kick ever since. I can't get enough!