Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Whale Wars Returns!! June 3rd, whoop whoop!

This Friday I'm helping in a presentation at KSHS for the Kansas Tornado Alley book project that I'm a part of...and then our Wichita Riverfest begins that day, as well! I'm thinking about participating in the RiverRun (only the 2-mile) this Saturday. Have to be registered by Thursday, but I think that this would be pretty fun for the Hubs and I.

The feeling of excitement for Riverfest is very nearly equal to the level I feel for the return of Whale Wars on Animal Planet.

Sea Shepherd is back again, and this time they might have bested the Japanese whaling fleet. During most of last season's episodes, I was aghast, on the edge of my seat. For real! There were some pretty devious things going on last year, and I am so glad to hear that they returned and halted whaling in the southern ocean. It's AMAZING! I know the show is technically called "Whale Wars," but this could easily be transferred to some of the other campaigns they run.

Be sure to check it out! June 3rd, 8/9pm cst on Animal Planet!


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