Saturday, June 4, 2011

Weekend Farmer's Market Haul


The pesticide-free strawberries are my FAVORITE item out of the fruit and veg we picked up at the market this morning. For real, I SWOONED eating one when I got home, eyed closed and everything. Pure Bliss.

Last night, after hanging out with friends down at The Vag/Riverfest (both of which were super-crowded), The Hubs and I came home and ran. Yup, we came home and went running outside at 10:30pm. It was glorious, and we were nasty-sweaty afterwards. Just felt like running, so we went up the street to the school, around the block, and back, alternating between running a block and walking the next. We're still building up, but let me tell you: 10:30pm is a great time to run but definitely hindered any chance of restful sleep. I know you'll probably think we were dopes for doing it, but when you have the itch, right?

Later today brings a viewing of X-Men: First Class with friends, some more time down at RiverFest taking pictures of people without their knowledge (super fun), and probably another run this evening.

Enjoy your weekend!


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