Saturday, June 11, 2011

you died today, and i miss you.

My childhood companion, Sassy, died today. I still remember bringing her home in December 1997, her small body tucked into the sleeve of my coat, hidden against the winter weather. I can still feel her resting on my arm, where she had burrowed to escape the cold. I had picked her out from the litter, and from that moment she was mine and owned my heart.

She became my confidant. I could tell her things and cry to her, knowing she couldn't tell my secrets or counter with stern words. She only offered comfort. We went to lots of places together and shared good times. And then I eventually moved away to college but wished she could join me. I remember how excited she would get driving with Mom to pick me up some weekends. She always seemed to know when they were close to the school, and I felt so excited to get to spend time with her again. I will always treasure those weekends.

She grew older and more frail but still lively, especially when a new (and larger) dog was brought into the house. Sammy probably kept her feeling younger until she just couldn't anymore.

Sassy died this morning, cared for by my wonderful mother through the night (who I know is just as torn up about it). Mom--you did well by her, and I am glad for it.

I will miss you, my old friend.



  1. So sorry to hear about your loss :(

  2. Jes so sorry for your loss.I am going through something similar myself with my 15 year old dog.She is tired and it's so hard to say goodbye.They give us so much!! So cyberhug to you!!!

  3. (((HUGE HUG)))

    I am so sorry to hear about your loss. :-( I lost my 17-yr-old childhood pet/little sister Stuffy 6 years ago and I still hurt. It helps to keep a nice framed photo or two in places that you look often.

  4. Jes, I tried to post a comment after you posted this piece and, for some reason, I could not. Miss Sassy chose you when she came your way in that plastic swimming pool where all the puppies were. We each grabbed and held a puppy but we had to reach for them. Sassy knew! "She will take me if I go to her and bat my pretty eyes at her". Taking her to K-State was fun. I didn't tell her where we were going but 20 miles away from you she would climb to the window and whine the rest of our route. She knew. She watched you leave for college and when I asked her "Where's Sissy", she'd stare at the front door. Now, after Sammy watched all that happened on June 11th, each day I tell him to take me to Sassy and he goes straight to her grave. She loved you so...and the boys and I too, but she was your Sassy. She was so protective of you too. Oh, how we teased her "I'm gonna get Sissy". I miss her as much today as I did a month ago. I think she knew she was loved, don't you? That last picture of her sitting in her water bowl (silly girl) is my wallpaper on my computer so I can see her everyday. I love you and I wish I could have saved her. I thought she would be better when she ate the food and drank the water from the dropper.