Sunday, September 4, 2011

Can I do it? Week of RAW

Yeah, that's right. I'm becoming a RAW foodist for a week. And I hope that I like it.

This is not done without thorough research and 'vestigation, kids. I'm starting out each day with my regular vegan multi-vitamin (not RAW, but still needed) and a spritz each of liquid B-12 and D2. I'm also incorporating a variety of nuts, fruits, veggies (fresh and sea), and the occasional grain that I can soak. I've been planning my weekly menus since January 2010, so I got this.

Today is Day One.

So far, I've downed my vitamins and blended up a lovely smoothie: 1 farmers market peach, 3 org. strawberries, 1 medjool date, the scant rest of my RAW cinnamon almond milk (soaking more almonds as I type...), and some chia seeds. Whir, pour, yum.

I was going to hit up yoga again this morning at 9:30am, like yesterday (flow classes are FABULOUS). I even woke up on time but ended up looking around my kitchen/living room/whole house and realized that some serious cleaning was in order. I'll be going to yoga Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday this week (it's $20 unlimited for two weeks--otherwise $5 a session--I'll probably get double my money's worth).

Yesterday, at the end of class while in the Savasana, I went again to a happy place on the lake, floating. This quickly morphed into a vision of Allen Ginsberg, who was big into yoga, telling me a whole range of things about being happy.

{photo from here}

He would say things like, "Respect others" or "Love yourself." It ended with him repeatedly saying, "Be happy." It's just totally weird that my mind would think of that during the rest period. I completely zoned out and felt delightfully reassured.

Later today we're going to hang out at our friend's pool. I'm bringing the rest of those luscious strawberries. I'll probably munch on some raw sushi for lunch.

Anyway, here is to Day One!


PS--Here is a painting I did of my friend for his birthday yesterday. Just something I made when I was bored the other night.

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  1. That painting is fantastic!! When I saw it on Facebook it brought me back to all your artistic abilities as a child. Remember the lightswitch? How about your whole closet door? The clipboard? Your art wasn't focussed on a canvas as everything became a canvas for you. You are GREAT, know that! And, as your vision of Allen Ginsberg, Be Happy! I'd like to talk to you about that, so remind me the next time we talk.