Monday, September 5, 2011

RAW Week: Day Two

On to Day Two of RAW! So far, so good. I've had small cravings for sweet/sour/salty products, but I can generally fulfill those with RAW items. Here's what I ate yesterday, Day One:

-RAW strawberry & peach smoothie, referenced here.
-1 strip dried cantaloupe
-Almost-RAW sushi (the nori I have is NOT RAW, but it's kind of difficult to find here, unless I want to order it on Amazon. Oh wells.)
-A few quick pickles that I made yesterday afternoon
-Some "veggie tray" vegetables at the pool party (cauliflower, broccoli, celery, and carrots), along with some strawberries
-RAW pesto pasta: zucchini ribbons, pesto, sprouted lentils, diced tomato, and walnut+nooch "parmesan", idea from here. My pesto was this concoction: parsley, basil, lemon zest and juice of 1/2 lemon, nooch, sunflower seeds, olive oil (can't find cold-pressed right now, so the regular ole stuff), and 1 small garlic clove. Very, very tasty!

-RAW tart: almond meal/2 medjool dates, squeeze of RAW agave for the crust; soaked apricots (formerly dried) and water; and on top sliced strawberries. RAD. Ideas from here and here.

-Some hot tea (some RAW foodists are down with this. I just needed something to make me sleepy, since I had a lot of energy still going on at 10:00pm)

Day Two:
-Remainder of strawberries, sliced, along with some RAW cocoa nibs and a spoon of RAW cashew butter
-3 RAW almonds while out and about
-Leftover pesto with kelp noodles (kind of crunchy, I'm still on the fence about these), my walnut-nooch "parmesan," and some sprouted lentils
-1 strip dried cantaloupe

Dinner tonight is Tacos! (with a few minor adjustments).

How is your Labor Day going? Are you as excited to return to work tomorrow as I am?!?!?!? Right.


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