Tuesday, September 6, 2011

RAW Week: Day Three!

Hey, kids! How was your Labor Day weekend? Mine went well, even got a few things done around the house.

Now get back to work.

I'm on Day Three of my RAW Week. Yesterday, here's the rest of what I noshed on:

-1/2" piece of date-sunflower seed-cacao nib bar that I HAD to try after making and adjusting this recipe. yummy. These are my snacks this week at work.
-3 pickle slices (homemade!)
-Tacos (which The Hubs said weren't actually tacos, but what does he know?). Here's the makeup: Romaine shells, soaked quinoa mixed with spices, minced green pepper and green onion, diced tomato, cilantro, shredded carrot, diced avocado, and a spicy cashew "cream" sauce that I whipped up (soaked cashews, water, cilantro, same spices as quinoa). SO FREAKING GOOD!! I inhaled the shiz out of these.
-5 frozen 'nana slices with cashew butter and cacao nibs
-hot tea and raw agave (again). Just helps me get into a sleepy mode, especially important coming off of a holiday weekend.

Plus, I made a massive amount of raw almond milk. Tonight I think I will need to make some cashew butter to replenish my stock...

Today, so far, as seen me eat:

-raw buckwheat groats (soaked overnight), shredded coconut, cashew butter, raw agave, and a splash of almond milk
-another 1/2" square of the date-seed-nib squares
-taco SALAD made from almost all the components of last night's meal (minus the quinoa, I ATE IT ALL.)

I'm feeling pretty great, so far. I still have cravings for certain things, but like I said before, it's nothing that can't be quelled by stuffing my face with something raw. The feeling of being full after meals is still there, but it isn't near as bad as the feeling after a cooked or oily meal. There are times when I get a little hunger pang, but that is quickly remedied :)

Tonight is Hot Yoga at 5:30pm!


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