Wednesday, September 7, 2011

RAW Week: Day Four!

Day Four, Holla!

I'm loving hot yoga, and raw buckwheat groat breakfasts, and coconut butter that I made last night!!!!! from this recipe, and this lovely pre-fall weather (srsly, it's like 80 degrees tops here.)

I had another conversation with Allen Ginsberg yesterday while in the Savasana. I tried imagining myself on the lake again in stillness, but there was a bright light coming through the studio window, and then Allen was there again, asking, "Jessica, are you listening? Are you listening?" It's kind of weirdly-reassuring. We ventured to the subject of love, and Allen was saying that love conquers all. And I was like, "But weren't you cynical about love?" (Don't know where out of my head that came from.) And Allen replied, "Yes, but I see the capacity to love within you."

My mind is frakking weird.

That actually sounds like a rad kind of novel...imagined conversations with Allen Ginsberg while high on yoga.

Starting from where I left off yesterday, here is the DL on my raw noshing:
Day Three!!
-Quick MFing salad (last night after yoga): already chopped romaine, 1 tomato, rest of walnut-nooch "parm," sunflower seeds, rest of sprouted green lentils, lime juice, S&P, and 5 homemade pickles (on the side)
-And then I ate some more nooch. Alone, not topping anything. Wasn't my proudest moment, but I was having a major craving.

Day Four!!
-raw buckwheat groat breakfast (with only a few shavings of coconut butter because I PUT IT ON THE FRIDGE AND IT SOLIDIFIED, UGH!)
-1/2" date-seed-nib "cookie" bar thing
-Veggie salad in oil/vinegar that I picked up at Green Acres Market over lunch
-4 dried mission figs, also acquired at said market
-one green pear
-other 1/2" date-seed-nib "cookie" bar-thing

Dinner tonight is "Better Than Any Other Mock Tuna" from VegWeb. And more hot yoga at 7:00pm.

The Hubs said that if I start having conversations with William S. Burroughs, he's leaving me. LOL I agree.


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